Philosophy Policy Mission

Philosophy :
To create knowledge, exalt morality and lead wisdom to society

Policy :
Aims to produce graduates who have knowledge, quality, and ethics; aims to provide research service to the society; supports religion, culture and environment. 

Mission :
To create practitioner graduates with creative thinking, keeping pace with technology under excellent management; creating knowledge and morality; and using wisdom to develop business in Thailand towards globalization. 

1. To produce graduates with expertise in management technology and business administration which are consistent with the needs of the society and nation. 
2. To establish academic excellence in management technology and distribute educational opportunities. 
3. To develop the organization and human resources in providing quality and keeping up with changes in professional technology. 
4. To produce research studies to develop knowledge and technology with quality that meets the needs of society. 
5. To be a center for publishing service of academic and profession; to develop local wisdom in building a strong community. 
6. To support religion; to promote arts and culture; and to conserve environment. 

Goals / Objectives
1. To produce quality graduates with expertise in management technology with high standards to meet the needs of the labor market.
2. To produce graduates who are ethical, moral, ideological and conscious of the society.
3. To create research works with quality standards for social and local community development. 
4. To provide academic services to develop manpower in management technology.
5. To promote and cultural activities, and environmental conservation. 
6. To produce graduates who have adequate knowledge to continue their education at higher levels of institutions whether locally or abroad. 
7. To develop the knowledge-based organization that is committed to sustainable development. 

Graduate Attributes
1. To have a true mastership in academic with both theoretical and practical approaches. 
2. To have morality and ethics both in everyday life and in the workplace; as well as to have the right personality for their careers, and have good human relations. 
3. To have skills for creative thinking, analyzing, and making decision appropriately on the basis of accuracy. 
4. To seek knowledge in social world events of economics, politics, technology, and society; as well as adapting well to the social and environmental conditions. 
5. To have capability in basic science of living in modern Thai society, such as Thai language, English language, and computer.